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For your company to grow, you need more than everyday machining services from your metal manufacturer. Your supplier must be willing to partner with you and adapt to meet your goals.


We understand your required machining operations are diverse and project-specific. Plus, you need deliveries on your timeline. No matter how your operations must be executed, we provide you with single parts or parts within a larger assembly using a wide variety of metal machining services.


We optimize our custom machining services for quick, cost-effective and consistent delivery of parts, so you’re able to keep a pulse on production. As a result, our customers receive high-value shipments on time, improving your scheduling and reducing your down time.

Quality Statement

Ocean Gear Inc. subscribes to an industry standard Quality Management System to ensure the correctness and accuracy of all orders.  All materials and finished products are produced to this industry standard and must meet specific tolerances and testing as may be required by our customers.

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