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Ocean Gear Inc. has 20 years of experience in ship repair projects.  Once you have identified your project requirements, we can help you define the goals and objectives ... plan the timeline ... create a schedule ... build the team.  When the timeline is short, we work with a team of highly qualified subcontractors and add resources.  Let us show you how we can help you deliver your next project on time and budget.


The Ocean Gear team recently completed repair work to the Randell Dominaux.  Damage to the stern section of the hull was assessed and quoted.  The repairs had to take place in a short time frame to allow the vessel to resume her duties hauling trap trawls in the North Atlantic.  The repairs to the stern were done with new high strength steel and the Ocean Gear team carried out the repair in one week from start to finish.  Extra work was added and completed at the same time.


Ocean Gear is proud to be part of the Bluenose II support team, providing welding, machining, hydraulic and fabrication services to the vessel since she was commissioned.  The most recent project was to assist with changing the harbour generator, providing crane services, machining of parts and hydraulic connections. The Ocean Gear crew also provided new seawater piping, stainless steel exhaust and a new engine bed.  


Ocean Gear demonstrated their design and fabrication skills for the newly opened Mikiz Car Wash in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  The company fabricated and installed the two steel signs for the front and back of the new car wash building.  The company's 6 ton crane and two forklifts were used during the installation of the circular signs as they were attached to the new building.


For the past two years, Ocean Gear has been involved in the annual refit of the Arctic Endurance.  Our company has removed the vessel's main deck winches, reinforced the deck heads and fabricated new winch bases.  We have replaced integral piping systems and constructed new freezer and processing rooms.  Ocean Gear is proud to be a part of the annual refit requirements of Arctic Endurance.


Kiviuq I operates in the North Atlantic off Labrador and Baffin Island.  The owners trust Ocean Gear with her annual refit requirements.  In the past two years, Ocean Gear has done extensive refit work, including fish hold modifications, stainless steel piping additions, and hull plate inserts.  The Ocean Gear team provides the vessel with a quick turnaround so they can return to their exploratory fishing and cargo runs up north.


Ocean Gear completed a major conversion project in 2015 when the 99 foot Fundy Leader was converted from a seiner to a scallop dragger.  Advanced technologies were incorporated into the gantry style fishing gear and the automated scallop sorting and processing systems.  Fundy Leader operates with the best technology and systems available in the industry and Ocean Gear is part of the vessel's ongoing support and maintenance requirements.

Belle Carnell

The 73 metre Belle Carnell is the most advanced shellfish harvester in the world.  The vessel relies on the crew from Ocean Gear to carry out various fabrication and repair jobs during her annual refit and maintenance periods.  In September, 2015, we performed extensive work to the stern ramp and primary processing systems repairing damage and reinforcing the hauling area and main deck work areas.

Atlantic Protector

At Ocean Gear, we are always working with our customers to find new and better ways of doing things...solving problems. The Nova Scotia scallop fleet relies on Ocean Gear to assist with solutions for everything from fishing gear to hauling equipment.  We also work in the processing rooms improving the flow of quality product from sea to market with our knowledge of conveyors and processing equipment.  

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