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Our contract welding services support customers who need welded parts of consistent quality at fixed costs. With extensive equipment resources, we manage multiple production welding programs while following processes faithfully. Our dedicated team of welders adapts to your small-run components or large-volume production programs, meeting a wide range of welding requirements.


No one is more focused on helping you improve your margins. We use advanced jigs, which allows us to establish repeatable welds and dramatically reduce cycle times. In turn, this reduces your cost and allows us to meet increased demand for finished parts.  Our team meticulously inspects all parts for problems as part of our mission to prevent any defects from reaching your facility.

When you need to increase cost savings and meet challenging budget goals, your industrial welding partner must be able to hit your target costs. We optimize our welding services with an eye on your bottom line.

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Ocean Gear Inc. is a fully certified CWB welding shop. Our welding staff is highly trained in a wide range of welding techniques for welding steel, aluminum, stainless steel and a variety of specialty metals.  Two certified CWB Welding Supervisors lead our welding staff and set the standards for quality of our finished products.

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